"One Grain of Sand is nothing, but a Quintillion of them is more than Everything!"

Desert Glass

Desert (By Steven)



Gem Weapon


  • Psammokinesis
  • Geokinesis

SexlessIcon Sexless




Desert glass

Gem Location


Professional Status
  • Gem Homeworld (Formerly)
  • Terraformer (Formerly)
  • Terraformer

Pink Diamond



Previous Partner(s)

Eight Pink Pearls




Trinitite Desert Gem

Personal Status

Active (Shortly Corrupted)

Previous Owner(s)

Pink Diamond


"Redeemer" (debut)


"The Desert Glass"(soundtrack)


Luis Granada

Desert is a Homeworld Gem and a member of the Trinitite Desert Gems that rules over the Continental Terraformers. Her debut was on the episode "The Redeemer", when Turquoise unsealed her from the pillow.


Desert has a standard gem size, which is similar to Pearl's Height. She has white hair that appears to be messy that length up to her neck. He has a whitish-lime colored cornea, since she is corrupted her pupils are disabled to be showing similar to Lapis Lazuli when she was released.

She wears a formal male outfit that familiars to Sapphire's, but less feminine. She wears a long light-green coat that extends to her knees. She also has a white collar-like belt at her waist. She wears white boot-like shoes that goes a bit over her ankles.

She claims to have the Full Diamond Symbol at her chest to resemble her allegiance to the Great Diamond Authority.

Her gem is located at her back, similar to Lapis Lazuli. Just like in the pillow, her gem cut is round with square planar complexes.


Desert has a strict and at the same time, childish nature. He easily gets bored in terms of battle, due to his potency. Upon getting hyped in battle, he enjoys and he savors his battles until the other isn't in the condition anymore to fight. Against a strong enemy, he has shown to have a sadistic form of battle stances.

Desert isn't really patient when it comes to her attendants. Her nature easily changes according to her environment. She had already 8 Pearls in her aide, but still wasn't satisfied. Until Pink Diamond decided to give her a much more suitable aide which is a Turquoise.


Before "Steven's Lion"

Desert is the former of planet Earth, he had expanded its mass and length, so that it would be more suitable to build a colony. He is a priced possession of Pink Diamond, known for being the head of the "Trinitite Desert Glasses". He was also the one responsible for incubating the cluster in the Earth's Mantle.

Desert was sealed by Rose Quarts in a pillow, due that Desert was considered a huge threat to Earth itself. Rose sealed her in order that Desert wouldn't be capable of supervising the incubation of the Cluster. In addition, Rose had sent a magical Lion to act as a Guardian of the Desert Glass, in order to prevent any problematic situations.

Before "Redeemer"

Desert was sealed away once again inside of Pearl's Bubble.


She is now free due to her Aide Turquoise's interference and intrusion inside the Temple. Desert is now a new addition of the Crystal Gem's enemies. One of the worst kind as well, since that the Desert Glass' capability compare to a Lapis Lazuli's, or even much more.


Desert has the same standard abilities as of a gem such as Shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, bubbling, agelessness, superhuman strength/durability. Her mental power is "overly" powerful, since that even at her sealed and shortly corrupted state, she is still able to fend off Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst with less effort.

Unique Abilities

  • Psammokinesis: The Desert Glass possesses strong control over sand, so long as she is in contact with it; building a fortress, creating pillars, ledges, spikes, and masking herself in massive and powerful sandstorms.
    • Flight: A terraformer like Desert has shown similar capabilities to a Terraformer like Lapis Lazuli. Desert is also able to release wings out of her back, but her's is made of sand. There is a medium amount of sand inside Desert's gem. Desert's wings are more detailed in shape, unlike Lapis', her wings show off a bat or draconian-like feature.
    • Sand Restoration: Unlike Lapis Lazuli who condenses air to form water wings. Desert literally store sand in her gem. In terms oh her sand wings, after use, she store them back in her gemstone. When lacking sand, she can use her energy to create her own sand, although this takes it time and it has its limits.
    • Sand Constructs: Desert has already shown how masterful her sand constructs are through his sand castles. Although not shown, her psammokinesis is surely able to construct other bodies as well.
    • Sandstorms: Desert is able to create powerful sandstorms that is enough to blow away Amethyst into the air. It was also shown to blind out Garnet and Pearl, buffing them from being able to fight the Sand Castle the Desert Glass is molding.
  • Geokinesis: Due to her short corruption, she is mentally blocked from letting her use her Geokinesis. Although, she had already proven to be able of doing so, and mentioned some of her techniques to her aide Turquoise.
    • Circadian Control: Desert is able to manipulate Rotations of one's Planet. Leaving her to control when is Day/Night time, and how fast or slow does the planet rotates. Such as with what before Desert was doing, mentioned by herself to Turquoise.
    • Tectokinesis: Desert can manipulate the positions of every existing tectonic plate in a planet. Giving her the capability of making Magma Eruptions, Global Earthquakes, and possibly Tsunamis as well.
    • Geokinetic Constructs: Desert has the potential to mold mountains and hollow out volcanoes or caves. She is capable of molding golems that follows her every command, as well as levitate islands, perform rock collisions, and cast barriers to her own efficiency.
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