Soon enough, the Cold will consume everything...

—Cubic Zirconia, explaining her objective.

Cubic Zirconia is one of Golden Forge's OCs. Originally a high-ranking member of Blue Diamond's court, Cubic Zirconia was meant to run meetings in the Blue District when her Diamond wasn't around. However, she was influenced by a force simply known as "The Cold", and became a defect, quickly antagonizing the Gems and causing mass destruction. She currently resides in Gelid.

Cubic Zirconia
  • Ice Diamond
  • Cold-Blooded Gem
  • Jill Frost
  • Elsa



Salqu Hammer


FeminineIcon Feminine


Short Dress


January the 1st


Icy Blue Skin


3 Feet to 15 Feet


30 Pounds to 1000 Pounds


Short White Hair


Blue Eyes


Cubic Zirconia

Gem Location

Left Heel

Professional Status

The Cold

Personal Status





Golden Forge



Cubic Zirconia is a Gem, that normally appears as an elegant female. She wears a short dress with an icy style, exposing her arms and legs some of the way. Cubic Zirconia has icy blue skin, and has blue eyes. She also has short white hair, the maximum length being down to the neck. Her appearance can change upon changing size, appearing to be even more elegant, or looking very menacing.


Cubic Zirconia turns masculine, and ends up being confined to a certain height and look. In her semi-corrupt form, she essentially looks like the Snow Miser from the Year Without a Santa Claus. In this form, she loses all previous memories (for now), and tries to cover as much territory in snow and coldness. All while he's singing the Snow Miser theme song.


Cubic Zirconia becomes a ferocious and giant white tiger, which is decorated in icicles and other shapings of ice. During this form, Cubic Zirconia is basically hostile, and attacks everything around itself. She usually doesn't remain this corrupt for a long while, and tends to become semi-corrupt within the next day.


Cubic Zirconia used to have a shy personality, simply keeping her thoughts to herself as she observed everything. She also questioned life at the time, being a philosopher.

However, she now has a malicious personality at one point in time, being very evil. She tends to attack any form of life that she comes across, usually killing it in the process. She also tends to make diabolical plans on her planet, thinking of what to do in order to cause as much destruction as possible. She can act a different personality at will, attempting to lull others with a caring, shy, or outgoing personality, into a trap.

Throughout her entire life however, she's had an obsession for everything cold, like ice and snow. Her favorite weather has always been snowy, and her favorite holiday has always been Quartzmas (Even if it may be the only holiday). If anyone was to question her obsession, she'd quickly defend herself about it.


Like most Gems, Cubic Zirconia can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to her gemstone to regenerate.


Salqu Hammer: The Salqu Hammer is Cubic Zirconia's Gem Weapon, being a sledgehammer. The head of the hammer seems to be a giant block of ice, while the handle seems to be formed from old twigs. The Salqu Hammer is capable of dealing strong and quick swings, making it hard to avoid. It can deal exponential damage to larger and stronger targets, making it useful against Cubic Zirconia's biggest enemies.


Cubic Zirconia has the ability to manipulate ice and several other frozen liquids around herself. She can freeze any liquid around herself, allowing herself to trap others or give herself a path to move. She can further manipulate any frozen object with a freezing/melting point of 0 degrees Celsius or less, in several ways such as shaping ice into a sculpture, or sending spears of dry ice at others. She can also manipulate the weather, turning even sunny days in the desert into a flash blizzard.

Cubic Zirconia is theoretically the most powerful Gem out there with the ability of Cyrokinesis, being able to move larger amounts of ice than other Gems, use more types of frozen objects than other Gems, and do more things with these frozen objects than other Gems.

Breath of Corruption

Cubic Zirconia has a cold icy breath with a secondary ability that is feared by many Gems. She can breathe onto a Gem that escaped into its Gem Form to regenerate. The next time that Gem regenerates, it will become its corrupted form, as opposed to its normal form. This corrupted form is only temporary, lasting somewhere between an hour to one week, depending on how strong the Gem is and how much she breathes on it. The Gem will also report visions of being stuck in ice while being in the corrupted form, perhaps another ability of Cubic Zirconia's breath.

Changing Size

Like most Diamonds and Gems of such power, Cubic Zirconia can change her size, height, and weight at will. She tends to have a minimum height of 3 feet, and a maximum of 15 feet. She also tends to have a minimum weight of 30 pounds, and a maximum weight of 1000 pounds. She usually uses this ability to appear incognito, help herself in combat, or make an escape plan.


Cubic Zirconia was a relatively old Gem, being one of the first Cubic Zirconias to be born. She was immediately assigned to work in Blue Diamond's court, due to her class and strengths she had. She was easily able to do her proposed work, and eventually rose to hold the court's meetings when Blue Diamond wasn't around. However, she didn't exactly like her work. She always felt under-appreciated, and generally didn't have much fun doing her job at all.

This soon changed when Cubic Zirconia talked to an ominous voice known as "The Cold". Claiming to be a Primordial of the Absence of Heat, he promised her much more than what she currently had if she betrayed the Gems. While she didn't immediately take this offer, she was soon exposed to the world he promised, and especially enjoyed it. She incorporated this into her life, introducing concepts to Homeworld such as snow and Quartzmas.

While she was temporarily satisfied, she still felt empty, and others attacked her for her proposals. Soon enough, she snapped, and actually decided to listen to the Cold. Afterwards, she ended up attacking the Blue District in an event known as the Cold's Grasp, damaging half of the district. She has now been planning ever since then, making dastardly plans to cover the Universe in ice. The question is, has she turned insane, or is there actually a Primordial that is rewarding her for what she is doing?


Blue Diamond: Blue Diamond was Cubic Zirconia's Diamond. Cubic Zirconia was intended to be in her court, and she was for a while. While Blue Diamond generally trusted Cubic Zirconia with her work, the two didn't get along all the time. Blue Diamond was the Gem that Cubic Zirconia always went to however, whenever she needed work or requested something. Of course, that relationship has been destroyed due to her defection to the Cold.

To be continued.


  • Arksenite + Cubic Zirconia = Stalhrim

To be continued.


Ice Diamond
Cubic Zirconia's Gemstone

Cubic Zirconia's Gem is a light blue Gem with an octagonal facet, and is located on her left heel. Generally, due to the location of this Gem, it can be considered to be her Achilles' Heel, quite literally.


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