Coral Pearl is a Pearl previously belonging to Cherry Quartz.


Coral Pearl has an eerily thin frame with dull red skin. She has dark, blood-red hair and piercing bright red eyes. She wears clothes similar to that of Blue and Yellow Pearl, but in a blush-colored tone. She wears tall socks with frill/lace at the top. Her gem is placed on her chest.


Coral Pearl is a very pessimistic and sadistic gem, she acts very unlike her previous owner. She is very loyal to the Diamonds, and will seek out rebels and expose them, no matter how close to them she was.


Like most Gems, Coral Pearl can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to her gemstone to regenerate.


Her weapon of choice is a bronze sword.


After the shattering of Pink Diamond, Coral Pearl was reassigned to Yellow Diamond, along with Cherry Quartz. Her owner began to contemplate rebellion.In an act of loyalty, she stabbed Cherry Quartz through the back, poofing her. She handed Cherry Quartz to the Diamonds. Since then, she has been reassigned to a new gem.


Cherry Quartz

Coral Pearl never liked her owner, Cherry Quartz. She didn't like someone being above her, other than the Diamonds. Once Cherry Quartz began to think about rebellion, Coral Pearl poofed her and handed her in to the Diamonds.


Coral Pearl has no known fusions currently.


Pink colored Pearls represent success, fame and good fortune.


To be added.


To be added.

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