AmethystPearlFusion's Coral
Identification Code

Coral Facet-2001 Cut-728




Homeworld Homeworlder


FeminineIcon Feminine

Gem Type


Gem Location

Right leg

Professional Status

Homeworld Gem

Personal Status



Era 2



Coral (specifically Coral Facet-2001 Cut-728) is a high ranking Homeworld strategist, and a follower of White Diamond.


Coral is relatively tall compared to most Gems, with a thin build. She has wheat-colored skin, though her skin is darker around her face, neck, and arms. She has plum lips, a short, pointed nose, and dark blue eyes that are covered by a semi transparent brown visor. Her crimson-colored hair is long and wavy, extending past her back.

Her outfit consist of a brown top featuring a darker brown V-shape that is connected to a White Diamond insignia, pants that are of the same color as her top, and dark brown boots. Her gemstone is located on her right leg.


Being a strategist, Coral is remarkably intelligent, even for a Gem; she is capable of coming up with amazing battle strategies in a matter of second, even when under serious stress. She is rather bossy and full of herself, and becomes very annoyed if her allies refuse to listen to her.


Coral was created 500 years ago on a barren, desert-like planet known as Caypra. Coral was created to be a strategist; capable of coming up with well thought out and genius plans in a matter of seconds. However, because she was made using less resources (as she is an Era 2 Gem), she isn't as efficient as her Era 1 counterparts.


Coral possesses abilities normal to an Era-2 Gem. She relies more on her strategies then she does on her abilities, opting to stay hidden and come up with a plan to defeat her opponents rather then facing them head on.

Unique Abilities

Geokinesis: Coral is capable of controlling stone, and all minerals like it. An extension of this ability allows her to transform a small portion of terrain around her into stone, allowing her to manipulate it freely.


Gem Destabilizer: Coral is equipped with a Gem Destabilizer to assist her with her missions. She usually keeps it locked away unless she is on a serious mission.




Image Description
Coral's gemstone
Coral's gemstone is located on her left leg, featuring a heptagonal facet. The front and back are symmetrical.


Tumblr inline nrl64ytwNc1twm4k8 400

Coral in real life.

Gemstone Information
  • Coral is an organic material and like other organic gemstones, it is not an especially hard or durable gemstone. It has a hardness rating of 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale, which can easily help distinguish and identify coral from similar colored gemstones such as carnelian, rhodonite or spessartite garnet.
  • Precious coral typically exhibits a range of warm pinkish to red colors, including light-red to salmon (momo coral), and medium-red (Sardegna coral) to deep ox-blood red (moro coral).
  • Precious coral belongs to a small, but important group of gemstones, which technically are not stones at all. Rather than being minerals with crystalline structures like most colored stones, coral is formed through a biological process and thus belongs to an elite class of organic gems.
  • Since the beginning of the 1st millennium, precious coral has been highly prized as a gem believed to be endowed with mysterious, powerful and sacred properties.


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