Coral (specifically "Coral Facet-E3M0 Cut-6A1") is a former high-ranking strategist who served under Yellow Diamond.


Coral is relatively tall with a somewhat stocky build. She possesses a bright pink skin color, with darker pink patches of skin around her arms. She has rather small, plump lips, a small curved nose, and hot pink eyes. Her dark-red hair is short and wavy, extending a bit past her neck.

Her outfit consist of a sleeveless navy blue top that features a diamond-shaped cut on the center and extends to form a cape, black knee high boots, grey tights, and elbow length gloves. Her gemstone is located on her right hand.


Coral was once a respectable military leader who was in charge of some of Homeworld's finest armies. She harbored no ill will towards any of her fellow Gems, and even began to saw her allies as a sort of "family". However, after going through many brutal wars that led to many of her allies and fellow Corals being shattered, and witnessing Homeworld's cold, careless way of treating their Gems on many occasions, she began to grow a new cynical outlook on the world. This ultimately led to her suppressing her emotions all together.


Coral was made on the planet Caypra about 10,000 years ago. She was created to be a highly intellectual strategist capable of coming up with well thought out strategies in a matter of seconds. Coral was created specifically for Yellow Diamond's army, and had always served her purpose well. She always obeyed every order given to her flawlessly and always made sure not to make any mistakes.

Around 6,000 years ago (not too long before the rebellion that took place on Earth occurred), Coral's home planet went to war, and she was sent there to protect the planet. Here, she witnessed many Gems of her type being mercilessly poofed and shattered by the enemy side. Though Homeworld reined victorious in this war, it left Coral feeling rather traumatized and feeling somewhat cynical. She believed it was Yellow Diamond's fault for causing the death of so many other Corals, and that she only saw Gems that were beneath her as sacrifices that could be useful in the future. This caused Coral to reconsider many things about Homeworld, and the Diamond authority as a whole.

Coral began to believe that it was ok to kill her allies if they were in the way, as the Diamonds seemed to indirectly do the same thing all the time. Because of this, she would often kill Gems that she was sent on missions with if she saw them as dead weight, and make up excuses as to why they didn't return with her afterwards. After getting caught nearly killing a high-ranking Topaz, Coral was sentenced to be bubbled for 10,000 years. This left Coral very angry and bitter with Homeworld as a whole, as she believed what she was doing to be justice. She vowed to one day return to Homeworld and make things right.


Like all other Gems, Coral can change shape, invoke a weapon, take refuge in her gemstone to heal, and adapt to any extraterrestrial environment's gravity. Being a strategist, Coral is a mastermind when it comes to combat. She is well equipped to handle numerous situations that might pose a threat to her.

Unique Abilities

Psammokinesis: Coral has the ability to shape and manipulate sand, a naturally occurring loose, fragmented/granular sedimentary material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles ranging in diameter from 0.0625 mm (or 1⁄16 mm) to 2 mm.


Sandstone Rod: Coral is able to summon long thin rods made out of sandstone, up to 2 at a time. She is able to freely manipulate these rods using her Psammokinesis. Coral tends to summon these rods when she's fighting in a terrain that doesn't feature any sand.


Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond is Coral's former superior. She once looked up to Yellow, and saw her as a respectable leader who ran her army well. However, after witnessing Yellow Diamond's many awful actions, she began seeing her as more of a merciless dictator who doesn't care about any of her followers or fellow Diamonds.


Coral irl

A Coral in real life.

Gemstone Information

  • Coral is an organic material and like other organic gemstones, it is not an especially hard or durable gemstone. It has a hardness rating of 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale, which can easily help distinguish and identify coral from similar colored gemstones such as carnelian, rhodonite or spessartite garnet.
  • Precious coral typically exhibits a range of warm pinkish to red colors, including light-red to salmon (momo coral), and medium-red (Sardegna coral) to deep ox-blood red (moro coral).
  • Precious coral belongs to a small, but important group of gemstones, which technically are not stones at all. Rather than being minerals with crystalline structures like most colored stones, coral is formed through a biological process and thus belongs to an elite class of organic gems.
  • Since the beginning of the 1st millennium, precious coral has been highly prized as a gem believed to be endowed with mysterious, powerful and sacred properties.


Image Description
Coral gemstone
Coral's gemstone is located on her right hand, featuring a hexagonal facet.

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