God, I love eating the babies of some big fish.

—Confederate Bismuth, when eating Caviar.

Confederate Bismuth is one of Golden Forge's OCs. Confederate Bismuth is a failed clone of Rainbow Bismuth, whose personality is radically different from his original counterparts. Confederate Bismuth is only one of so few Era 2 Bismuths, a couple others being Rainbow Bismuth and Pink Bismuth. He intends on becoming a capitalist villain, delving into business and becoming one of the richest around.

Confederate Bismuth
Confederate Bismuth TS
  • Cunt Bismuth
  • Big CB

Giant Pepto Drill


MasculineIcon Masculine


100 Years

  • Purple Business Outfit
  • Vomit Green Underwear

June 21st


7 Feet


175 Pounds


Short Blue Hair


Rainbow Eyes


Bismuth Cube

Gem Location


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Personal Status





Bismuth's Stinky 1st Apartment






Golden Forge



Confederate Bismuth's appearance is basically summed up with what he is; a failed clone of Rainbow Bismuth. He stands at 7 feet tall, and has a more buff build than his original counterpart. His body is colored the same way, and he has a large nose that is long outwards rather than downwards. He still has very curly hair like his original counterpart, but two goat-like horns do protrude from his head.

He currently wears a large purple business outfit, one that someone like Al Capone would wear. He wears a fedora with the Bismuth insignia on it, perfect for tipping to others. He also wields a cane with a Bismuth Gem on it, to show his self-proclaimed power as an economic superpower.


When corrupt, Confederate Bismuth turns into a large Kraken-like monster, about a bit smaller than the Centipeedle Mother. In this form, Confederate Bismuth has PLENTY of tentacles to use, and he uses each kind for different purposes, from throwing, grabbing, whipping, etc. Not to mention that a few of the tentacles can actually use and execute his magnetism abilities.


Confederate Bismuth is a Gem that simply doesn't care for the welfare of others, and only truly cares about himself. He would be willing to get others fired and punished to put himself on a pedestal. However, this doesn't mean he's incapable of getting into a relationship, for he has gotten married before. However, if he does lose a lover, he doesn't really cry, but insteads makes himself very drunk and stupid.

Confederate Bismuth can certainly talk to others, but will almost always appear as an asshole who simply doesn't care. As a result, he's relatable and comedic, but not exactly the best friend one can have. He tries to avoid fates that may befall him, but doesn't really care if they happen anyways. (Oh, and he sees himself higher than most others, especially Pearls)


Like most Gems, Confederate Bismuth can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to his gemstone to regenerate.


Giant Pepto Drill: Confederate Bismuth can summon a gigantic rainbow-colored drill that can drill through almost all materials. However, as opposed to his original counterpart's Breaking Point, this drill cannot harm a Gemstone. Confederate Bismuth can manipulate this drill in weird ways, including making it... phallic shaped... yeah, that's a real thing.

General Magnetism

As opposed to his original counterpart, Confederate Bismuth actually can't use Technokinesis. Instead, he has a very general power of magnetism that can be used in many different ways. He can use these powers to push/pull metallic objects towards/away from him, and use them to his advantage.

It is important to note that Confederate Bismuth's magnetism powers actually have some slight effect on Gems as well. He can make them inclined towards him or away from him, not actually pushing/pulling them but making further outside forces all the more effective/ineffective. If he was able to push/pull any Gem with this ability, it'd be a small Ruby Gem.

Super Smell

...Yes, Confederate Bismuth actually has this power as well. And it's pretty much the same as Rainbow Bismuth's: same range, same effectiveness, same everything. However, Confederate Bismuth uses this more to sniff out possible bedmates if anything.


Confederate Bismuth is the result of a cloning experiment by Rainbow Bismuth, which was supposed to find a new way to produce more Gems without usage of a Kindergarten. However, the experiment went haywire, resulting in the failed clone we all know and love today. Frustrated by this, Rainbow Bismuth decided to keep Confederate Bismuth around as a test subject.

However, Confederate Bismuth didn't really stay around in the lab for much at all, and constantly sneaked off on his original counterpart. One time, while they were working on an experiment, Confederate Bismuth decided to set free the subject, giving his original counterpart a harsh time while he managed to run off.

Over the next few centuries, Confederate Bismuth settled down in the abandoned Pink District, deciding to run an illegal business due to becoming a fugitive. With the help of a few off-colors, he proceeded to rise to the top of the economy, unbeknownst to the Diamonds. Soon enough... he may as well be able to buy the world itself.


Rainbow Bismuth: Rainbow Bismuth is Confederate Bismuth's original counterpart. A failed experiment of Bismuth's, Confederate Bismuth was originally intended to be a way to reproduce Gems without having to use Kindergartens. However, the experiment failed, resulting in his current state. Initially used as a test subject, Confederate Bismuth eventually made himself free and primarily serves as a nuisance to his original counterpart.

To be continued.


  • Confederate Bismuth + Rainbow Bismuth = Double Rainbow Bismuth

To be continued.


Confederate Bismuth Gem
Confederate Bismuth's Gemstone

Confederate Bismuth's Gemstone is very much colored like his original counterpart's Gemstone, having the same initial color and having the same color scheme changing depending on mood. However, the cut/facet of Confederate Bismuth's gemstone is different, probably to show how he's different from his original counterpart.


  • The Giant Pepto Drill is named after Pepto-Bismol, a medicine that uses Bismuth as one of its primary ingredients.


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