I can see.

Color-Change Sapphire, also known as CC Sapphire is a Homeworld Gem and part of Blue Diamond's court.


Color-Change Sapphire
  • CC Sapphire

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Personal Status


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CC Sapphire has the same build of other Sapphires- small, strong lips and hair covering a single eye. Her skin is light indigo, and she wears a light purple dress which has purple lines in it. She also wears white gloves. Her hair is dark blue, covering her only eye and tied in a ponytail, but the ponytail is tied by a big dark indigo ribbon.


CC Sapphire is calm and collected, but she can also be rather curious at times. Sometimes, she may even come off ingenous thanks to her bit of pride.


CC Sapphire was one of the few Sapphires made on a Corundum Kindergarten, a type of Kindergarten used to grow Rubies and Sapphires. However, when she was made, something ended up hitting her only eye. It didn't leave any actual damage, but instead, gave her the ability to see through walls for a few seconds.


CC Sapphire can fuse, can shapeshift and has to retreat to her gemstone when injured. She wasn't made for fighting.

Unique Abilities

  • Infra-vision - CC Sapphire can see through walls for a few seconds. She can still see a bit of the ground, but she uses this mostly to locate any living creatures around her.


Gemstone Information

  • Sapphires are 9 in the mohs scale.

    A real color-change sapphire.

  • Color-change sapphires shift from blue to bluish-purple based on the light source they are being exposed to.
  • It is a common misconception for a bi-color sapphire to be confused with a color-change sapphire. The difference in these two stones is that color-change sapphires change their colors, while bi-color sapphires stay with multiple colors at once.
  • It is said that color-change sapphires can be used to release mental tension and relieve depression.
  • Color-change sapphires can benefit many chakras, as a result of its various colors.


Image Description
[[File:|100px|thumb|center]] Her gemstone has the same triangular facet of Sapphire's, but with blue and purple colors.


  • CC Sapphire was originally not going to have a ponytail since it would be kind of weird, but it was putted back in her after.

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