Pffft, I don't care. You aren't young Pink, I ain't following you.

—Cinnabar, expressing his loyalty.

Cinnabar is one of Golden Forge's OCs. He is one of the few Cinnabar Gems to have ever existed, primarily to serve Pink Diamond. However, due to her death, he has gone extremely inactive and lazy, and currently resides in the Pink District.

Cinnabar TS
  • Lazy Fuck
  • Cinnabilly
  • Red Banjo
  • Mirror of Deflection

MasculineIcon Masculine


10,000 Years

  • Hillbilly Outfit (Lazy)
  • Royal Court Wear (Serious)

September 11th


6 Feet


150 Pounds


Short Brown Hair


Brown/Red Eyes


Cinnabar Disc

Gem Location


Professional Status






Personal Status





Pink District



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Golden Forge



Cinnabar is a red-skinned Humanoid standing at 6 feet tall, having a mostly average build. His arms however are considerably longer, about 4-5 inches longer in comparison to arms of other Gems with the same height. He has short and straight brown hair, trimmed to easily be covered by his hat. While one eye is brown, the other eye has a large scar over it, the iris being red instead.

Cinnabar's clothing can be rather different depending on the situation. When he is casual/has nothing to do, he is in a hillbilly outfit, complete with a wheat hat, a standard t-shirt, and overalls. When he is serious/formal, he wears what seems to be his old court uniform.




Originally, Cinnabar was a Gem mostly focused on work. He would do nothing except for the tasks given to him by his Diamond, Pink Diamond. Even if he was finished with his current work, he would work on tasks that had to be done in the future. He didn't really communicate all that well, and was very much lacking emotion. Such personality will only come back in serious matters, however.

Nowadays, Cinnabar is a rather lazy individual, not really wanting to do much of anything at all. He would only do work when absolutely required, and even then he's slow at it. As for communication, he seems to be rather smooth at talking, and speaks his mind openly. He tends to act funny and try to break some ice in certain situations.


Like most Gems, Cinnabar can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to his gemstone to regenerate.


Red Banjo: Cinnabar's most used item nowadays, this banjo is perfectly crafted to be able to play anything without breaking. This banjo can't really be used in combat practically, but can certainly be used as a blunt weapon if needed. Banjos and guitars are pains in the head, after all.

Cinnabar's Good Stuff: Cinnabar has a tendency to carry around a large moonshine-like jug, which can carry different kinds of liquids inside. Cinnabar can usually drink the contents to "aid" himself in combat some. One of the most famous examples of Cinnabar's drinks is a "Superpower Drink", which immediately fills the body with caffeine and other hyperactive ingredients, making the body completely awake in less then a second with a single drop of the stuff.

Mirror of Deflection: Cinnabar's actual weapon, this is a large mirror-like shield that is about the size of an extra large pizza. This shield is capable of blocking most physical attacks, and only breaking under extreme circumstances. This weapon truly shines in its energy section however, for this can absorb any energy attacks and be deflected either instantly, or when Cinnabar wants it to do so. Cinnabar can make this shield float around himself if he wants it to. Note: Cinnabar cannot use this weapon for his Mirror Dimensional Travel.

Mirror Dimensional Travel

Cinnabar has the ability to actually travel to alternate dimensions through the usage of mirrors, who themselves have been theorized to have been windows to parallel dimensions. Cinnabar can go to many different dimensions with this ability, and the dimension goes to depends on either his mood, what he wants, and/or what kind of mirror he travels through.

While Cinnabar can use this as a temporary escape plan, it isn't the best. Every time Cinnabar travels through a mirror, the pathway is still open for about ten seconds, allowing other Gems to move through as well. Cinnabar mainly uses this ability to either hide, or find materials.

Mirror Attraction

When Cinnabar is retreated to his Gemstone, his Gemstone has a very obnoxious tendency of immediately traveling towards the nearest mirror. His Gemstone accelerates at a steady pace, and doesn't stop accelerating until it reaches a mirror. If anything is in the way, his Gemstone will literally force its way through. Once his Gemstone reaches the mirror, it sticks to the surface instantly without causing any damage, and remains dormant.

Cinnabar cannot use his Mirror Dimension Travel while in his Gemstone form, and as a result is a sitting duck once he ends up on a mirror. Any Gem can actually pick up his Gemstone afterwards, and it won't move towards a mirror at all. However, bubbling the Gem will result in his Gemstone moving towards another mirror, making bubbling ineffective unless he and the mirror were bubbled. One thing to note, is that any person carrying Cinnabar's Gemstone can utilize his ability of Mirror Dimensional Travel.


As mentioned earlier, Cinnabar is one of the very few Cinnabar Gems in existence, who was intended to work for Pink Diamond. From the day that he was born, he had worked very hard for her, and did everything that she said. And this caught her attention in particular from all the other Gems in her district, for he did tasks that even the other Gems didn't/couldn't do. As a result, Pink Diamond had appointed Cinnabar as one of her court members.

During Cinnabar's time as a court member, he had served as a very good companion to Pink Diamond. He helped her with making decisions, carrying out particular tasks, and helping her in the most serious situations. He was essentially Pink Diamond's best friend at one point in time, and the two really had a special bond that wasn't really present in the other Districts around the time.

However, this all went downhill with the arrival of the War. Cinnabar stayed on Homeworld to run the Pink District while Pink Diamond was absent, but little did he know that Pink Diamond was shattered soon afterwards. He was very much devastated by such news of her dying, and became even more so when he learned of the other Diamonds corrupting all of Earth.

As a result, Cinnabar stayed in the Pink District after it was closed down, and remained there for the duration of 5000 years. Over this time period, he has forgotten more and more of his past, and has gotten less and less motivated to actually work. However, he has never forgotten his times with Pink Diamond as a royal court member. And more importantly... he's not going to forget his own powers as a Cinnabar.


Pink Diamond: Pink Diamond is Cinnabar's former Diamond. Cinnabar was made for Pink Diamond, and was supposed to originally be part of her court. He did all of his work as wanted, and was determined to make Pink Diamond feel happy. They even were great friends at one point in time. However, with the realization that Pink Diamond was gone, he had decided to quit with the rest of the district, and live on his life as a lazy bum.

To be continued.


  • TBA


Cinnabar Gem
Cinnabar's Gemstone

Cinnabar's Gemstone is a rather large and red cinnabar disc, being located on his upper back. It has the unique power of Mirror Attraction, which can be read up above in the Abilities section.


  • Cinnabar is based on SCP-093, a red disc resembling cinnabar. SCP-093 is capable of the Mirror Attraction described here, and takes holders into alternate dimensions when held through a mirror.

To be continued.


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