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Chocolate Diamond aka EmeraldDonut

This Page is about my gemsona, Chocolate Diamond. She is my RolePlay character. This is her page.

~B A S I C~

Gem Name: Chocolate Diamond

Gem location: Naval

Birth Place: Homeworld.

Age: 1000

~P E R S O N A~

Personality: Happy, Mostly. Can get very depressed. Always excited for new things.

Biography (Shortest Version): Blue and White had too many gems so they tried to make the perfect Diamond for them and ended up making me, an off-color Chocolate Diamond with four arms. Yellow discovered me in 500 So Blue And White sent me to Earth in an esape pod. In the escape pod I found limb enhancers and a note that said how to make a rocket to Homeworld so I could come back to what I refer to as my mums seeing that they treated me like their daughter. Now, 500 years later I’m still trying to tear apart an injector that I will never be able to take apart alone so I’ve been looking for help.

Likes: Earth, Life, Her Mums, Love, And Potatoes...

Dislikes: Hate, Bad Guys, (Meanies) and arguing.

~A P P E A R A N C E:~

Hair: Long, In a Ponytail, and is Blue and Turquoise.

Eyes: Very beautiful greenies

Skin: Light Purple

Clothes: Purple Jumpsuit, Limb enhancers, skirt, shoulder pads, and swimsuit overlay.

~D E T A I L S~

Fusion Dance Style: A beautiful mix of ballet and hip hop. Kind of like Garnet and Pearl’s mixed.

Gem Room Appearance: Natury, Blue with many roses, calm, and has a pool and sword room.

Weapon: Hammer that can have its handle pulled out into a Spear.

Strengths: Familiar with tech from Earth and Homeworld. Is very smart.

Weaknesses: Very weak. Can’t even take an injector apart. Has a hard time battling, but always gets the job done.

Powers: > Past Sight: Can See The Past Before She Was Made. Can See Different Places, Too. > Present Sight: Can See What’s Going On Everywhere- Even Mars! > Future Sight: Can See What Can Happen And What’s Going To Happen Anywhere And Everywhere. > Ice Crystals: Ice Crystals Come Up From The Ground. > Frost Bite: Gives Anyone In A 10 Mile Radius Of Her Frost Bite.

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