Cherry Quartz


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Bronze Arm Bands


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Cherry Quartz

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Crystal Gems

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Crystal Temple

Cherry Quartz is a member of the Crystal Gems. She was previously a high-ranking soldier who served under both Pink and Yellow Diamond.


Cherry Quartz looks like an ordinary quartz soldier. Her skin is the color of blush and she has short, rose-red, curly hair. Her gem is placed on her chest and is cut into a heptagon shape. She wears normal soldier clothes and her copper-colored arm bands.


She is very kind and nuturing of anyone who treats her respectfully, regardless of their affiliation. She has a strong disliking for the war and well generally get agitated or anxious during fights. Cherry Quartz is very confused with humans, and believes they can be poofed, bubbled and shattered like gems. Despite that, she is intrigued by the flora and fauna of Earth and is open to learn more.


Like most Gems, Cherry Quartz can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to his/her/their gemstone to regenerate. Similar to other Cherry Quartz gems, she can manipulate emotions to a certain extent, as well as help in healing emotional "wounds."


Her weapon of choice is bronze arm bands.


After the shattering of Pink Diamond, she was reassigned to Yellow Diamond. Later on, she was mistakenly bubbled when they thought she was a Rose Quartz. Recently, she was released by Steven and befriended him. Steven convinced her to join to Crystal Gems.


Pink Diamond

Cherry Quartz was a loyal soldier to Pink Diamond, and was devastated once she was shattered.

Yellow Diamond

Cherry Quartz had a disliking for Yellow Diamond for a while, and was quite annoyed when she was reassigned to her. She began thinking thoughts of rebellion under the rule of Yellow Diamond, but was too scared of being shattered.

Steven Universe

After hundreds of years trapped in a bubble, Steven found her and realized she wasn't a Rose Quartz. He eventually released her and she was very grateful. She attempted to serve Steven as if he was a diamond to show her gratitude, but Steven declined this, showing that he was even to her.


Cherry Quartz has no known fusions currently.


Cherry Quartz Gemstone

Cherry Quartz Gemstone

Cherry Quartzes are not actually quartzes, however, due to similarities, they work the same jobs as many quartzes. They are higher-ranked than Amethysts and Jaspers, and about the same rank as Rose Quartzes. These gems are generally very kind, nurturing and bring peace and positivity.


Cherry Quartzes have similar qualities to quartzes and is a healer for emotional wounds, as well as helping with tension and anger. Healing properties of this gem consist of helping a cold, infections and the flu. They are also said to help with burns.


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