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  • Little T, Tauri



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Centauri has a green hiddenite gem, it is located on her forehead, she wears a tight outfit that splits and goes all around her body, Centauri has bright white hair that is located on her head, upper chest, wrists, and ankles, also the hair covering her upper chest is where the outfit does not cover. She wears the dress down to her feet which creates a shoe-like appearance. She wields a Twinblade as her weapon and has a bow located in her pocket dimension, which has a dagger and arrows that she can not summon.


Centauri has a playful, mischievous, and snoopy personality, she likes to eve's drop on people's conversations, she has almost no understanding on personal space, Centauri does not remember much before corruption. She is playful and determined to follow orders if she is given the responsibility, she is very honest and keeps her word, "most of the time."


Like all Gems, Centauri can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to her gemstone to regenerate

Unique Abilities: She has the ability to spin dash, similar to Amethyst's and Jasper's hair but shorter and also located on her body, Centauri also has a rapid healing factor which benefits her during a fight, after her second time corrupting she was cured by Yellow Diamond and now has the ability to summon a clone of Mother Centipeetle and minion Centipeetles.


  • Hair: Extremely heavy hair that helps pin down opponents
  • Green Hiddenite Twinblade: A double sided hilt with blades on both ends
  • Green Hiddenite Bow: She keeps the weapon safe in her pocket dimension which she can not summon
  • Green Hiddenite Arrows: These arrows are specially designed to come back to Centauri's Quiver
  • Green Hiddenite Dagger: Located in her pocket dimension it constantly drips acid and seems to have an unlimited acid effect
  • Acid: She can shoot acid from her hands and can corrode items with acid to be used as deadly projectiles
  • Mind Reading: She can read minds and speak to people in their head but rarely uses it



Both are very close friends

Steven Quartz Universe

Steven was the only person who cared about Centauri in her corrupted state, she now is friends with Steven and protects him at all costs


When Centauri was little, Ammolite took her in and treated her like his daughter, Ammolite acts like a father-figure for her

Yellow Diamond

Back when Yellow Diamond was young and still very new to the Authority, Centauri was a good friend of Yellow Diamond in the 1800s.


  • Centauri isn't fond of fusing unless absolutely necessary
  • She has fused, non-canon with GeneralObsanite and created Ciaranite
  • Staff Fusion with all the OC's is Hope Diamond


  • Centauri is a recruit for the Homeworld Army
  • Centauri has a pocket dimension, unknown who is able to use it except for herself
  • Centauri's hair looks light but is extremely heavy which gives her a bonus to pin down or to hit opponents harder
  • She is Centipeetle before and after her corruption stage Steven fixed her up by bringing her back to her normal state
  • Her eyes change color based on her mood if she is happy it is green, mad is red, blue is sad, yellow is embarrassed, and etc.

Credit to the artwork belongs to the original artist, "Askcentipeetle" on Tumblr.

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