The Universe is made with possibilities,but your not.

—Cat's Eye to a Jasper.
Cat's Eye was a gem on Blue Diamond's Court,she was known as a gem shatterer and a very strong gem that could cause very big injuries to humans and gems,now she is currently an Off-Colored.


Cat's Eye wears a shoulderless peach dress,bright dark shorts and orange shocks.Her hair is dark orange with an orange line covering her left eye and she has a orange tail with yellow eyes and a orange pale skin.


Cattie/Cat's Eye has a lot of personas,she is a copycat and which a copycat uses a lot of personalities and personas.Her true personality is cute but deadly,she acts creepy in some moments when somebody has a thought about her.


Cat's Eye possesses traits and abilities that some of them are common among all Gems.

  • Night Vision:Cat's Eye can see in the dark,this ability is shared with cats.
  • Flexibility:Cat's Eye uses flexibility to dodge an attack or pass through gems,this abillity is also shared with cats.


  • Cat's Eye takes abilities from cats.
  • Her gemstone was supposed to resemble a diamond symbol, but was replaced due to that somebody would thought that was a diamond.


Cat's Eye Gem

Cat's Eye Gemstone.

Cat's Eye gem resembles a Pearl gemstone, the gem has a dark orange outline,with peach and yellow shadings.

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