Blue Rainbow Moonstone
Blue Rainbow Moonstone


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Healing Staff



Gender Identity

FemaleIcon Female


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Blue Rainbow Moonstone

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Professional Status
Previous Occupation(s)

Combat Medic

Personal Status


Medic !Oh wait, that's me! *Drums*

—Moonstone joking about her job.


Blue Rainbow Moonstone is a slim but not curvy gem, she has a blue pastel skin, cyan eyes and cyan hair. She appears mostly with straight, short hair, but sometimes has long hair due to her poofing and reforming period.


As a cheerful creature she is, Moonstone cares about people althought they did something bad or something risky. She loves humans and gems that are related to them, and most of all, she says bad jokes but those jokes cheer her up and never complete her!


Cat's Eye

Blue likes Cattie, and she cares much about her like almost nothing else in the world (it's now confirmed it's a shippp!).

White Diamond

Blue doesn't really care about her old diamond, because she was being rushed to heal gems by her own purpose.

Blue Diamond

Blue loves her diamond like Cat's Eye, because Blue Diamond had care to take her to her court.

Pink Diamond

Moonstone doesn't know yet Pink Diamond nor Yellow, she only knows White and Blue Diamond currently.


Blue Rainbow Moonstone posesses common gem abilities, she can retreat from her gemstone, fuse, summon a weapon etc.

Unique Abilities

  • Guardian Gem: Blue can fly near gems,fly on the air etc. with her wings,this ability may be a reference to Lapis Lazulis.
  • Healing Abilities: Blue Rainbow Moonstone can heal gems and humans from cracking and humans from bleeding.
  • Nephelokinesis: Moonstone can channel clouds in the direction of her choice, being able to gather clouds surrounding the arena around her to create a fine mist, reducing visibility and able to dissipate quickly.
  • Hydrokinesis: Moonstone appears to have immense power over water and liquid material, demonstrated by her ability to divide a path through the sea and form the entire ocean into a space elevator.
  • Electrokinesis: Moonstone can product or control thunder and power.


  • Swordsmanship: Moonstone possesses expert knowledge and skill with a sword. For one on one dueling, Pearl's preferred weapon is a straight-bladed saber. Moonstone's parries are tight and minimalist; her offense is a pattern that is specific to the environment. This pattern consists of lunges, thrusts, and horizontal slashes.


  • When fused with Cat's Eye, they form Prehnite.

Additional Tools

  • Swords: Moonstone possesses a vast collection of swords consisting of cutlasses, Persian Talwars, and sabers which she stores within the central fountain in her room.


Image Description
Blue Rainbow Moonstone's Gem is located on her back, it resembles a cyan, teardrop-shaped gem with peach shading.

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