Blue Rainbow Moonstone is the recent medic for White Diamond's Court and Blue Diamond's,but currently is an off color.


Blue Rainbow Moonstone wears a medic suit,with white and blue color and red shoes,she has blue wings,blue hair,blue pale skin and a teardrop shaped gem.


Moonstone is a sweet and caring gem for everyone,she takes shatttering and projecting very seriously,while she likes her job projecting,she makes puns about it (and almost everything).


Moonstone shares some abilities that are common some healer gems,and normal gems.

  • Healing Tears:Moonstone can heal gems with her tears while crying,this ability is shared with Rose Quartzes.
  • Guardian Gem:Moonstone has wings which can fly near a gem,or can fly and make her fall slow.
  • Telekinesis:Telekinesis is rare to some gems,while Moonstone possesses that ability she can move objects with her mind or hands.


  • Blue Rainbow Moonstone was supposed to be Rainbow Aquamarine,but was not consitered as a stone.


  • Blue Rainbow Moonstone may reference to Mercy from Overwatch.
  • Her design comes from Combat Medic Ziegler,from Overwatch,again.
  • Her wings were supposed to be rainbow,but were replaced with glowing blue ones.


  1. Combat Medic Ziegler Inserruction Spotlight

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