—Black Hiddenite, when it corrupts Yellow Diamond.

Black Hiddenite is one of Golden Forge's OCs. Black Hiddenite, also known as "The Nevermore Killer", is a Gemship commander who left behind by Homeworld on Earth, and was corrupted by their beams. Enraged, Black Hiddenite has been out to kill anyone involved in the event, especially all of the Diamonds. Even if its still somewhat corrupt, it has enough sense to know what to do.

Black Hiddenite
  • The Nevermore Killer
  • The Raven
  • Raven's Sentence
  • Disgusting Shiv

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Black Hiddenite is a semi-corrupt Hiddenite Gem, looking much similar to the canon Hiddenite before she was turned back into a Centipeetle. Black Hiddenite's skin is black, while its hair and Gem are both a dark grey. Much like the canon Hiddenite, Black Hiddenite has a beak for a mouth and its gemstone for an eye.

Black Hiddenite seems to be covered in torn pieces of dark cloth, including a hood to cover most of its head. It is unknown whether this is due to its corruption, or due to the fact that it may try not being seen. Black Hiddenite's vocabulary is extremely limited, all the way down to various squawks and the word "Nevermore".


Black Hiddenite becomes a terrifying Centipeedle that is about twice the size of the Centipeedle Mother. It has a flowing mane of black hair with a single black eye, while the back pieces are glowing a dark purple. Additionally, Black Hiddenite has a giant pair of black eagle-like wings, allowing it to fly.


Black Hiddenite in all reality is a masculine and malnourished Gem, standing at the same height as his semi-corrupt counterpart. He has long and wavy black hair, and three eyes; the eyes being two regular eyes with black irises, and the Gemstone for the third eye.

Black Hiddenite tends to wear several different outfits in this form. He could be wearing a professional assassin's outfit, a standard Gem outfit, a pawnkeeping outfit, or the same old rags that his semi-corrupt counterpart wears.


It is unknown what Black Hiddenite used to be like before the War. But it is known what Black Hiddenite is like now. Its a murderous semi-corrupt Gem hellbent on taking revenge against those that caused the corruption on Earth in the first place. Black Hiddenite will take any moment to try and kill such individuals, including the Diamonds.

Black Hiddenite seems to really have no other emotions apart from such hatred. Against other individuals, it simply acts like its primitive raven companions, squawking against them. If Black Hiddenite's corruption was to disappear, who knows what may happen.


Like most Gems, Black Hiddenite can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to its gemstone to regenerate.


Raven's Sentence: The Raven's Sentence is an old looking sniper rifle that requires bullets to be manually loaded in. However, this sniper rifle allows the bullets to travel at magnificent speeds, making it essentially impossible to dodge one once it's already fired. However, Black Hiddenite is very limited on ammo, and will not try to noscope/quickscope with this weapon, as it must be very focused on its target.

Bullet of Spite: This is one of Black Hiddenite's three bullets, which is colored black/dark grey. When this bullet is used, any Gem struck by the bullet is usually instantly poofed, but nothing else happens. This is mainly used only when Black Hiddenite has nothing else. This bullet regenerates one hour after being fired.

Bullet of Madness: This is another one of Black Hiddenite's three bullets, being colored pitch black. When this bullet is used, any Gem struck by the bullet is not only poofed, but also corrupted as well. This is Black Hiddenite's most commonly used bullet for its moderate abundance. This bullet regenerates one day after being fired.

Bullet of Death: This is Black Hiddenite's last of the three bullets, being covered in a light coat of dark mist at all times. When this bullet is used, any Gemstone struck by the bullet directly is instantly shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. Hiddenite intends on using this bullet to execute each of the Diamonds effectively. This bullet regenerates one week after being fired.

Disgusting Shiv: This is a shiv used by Black Hiddenite in hand-to-hand combat. While it isn't the sharpest blade, it sure is one of the most jagged, which can certainly be painful for those cut by it. Black Hiddenite almost always uses this shiv after using the Raven's Sentence.

Only Black Hiddenite's stable and semi-corrupt forms can use the Gem's weaponry.

Darkness Shroud

Black Hiddenite has the ability to cover the area around itself in darkness, which severely limits the eyesights of those within the area. Black Hiddenite most typically uses this ability to either run away, or engage in a close combat situation. While this ability certainly isn't to be underestimated, it can only be used every once in a while. All three of Black Hiddenite's forms can access this ability.


Black Hiddenite has a bunch of pet ravens with it at all times, which help it with every command. These ravens actually don't need to breathe due to Black Hiddenite's bond with them, which is how Black Hiddenite made it to Homeworld with just them. These ravens are mostly used as a distraction or as transportation, especially when Black Hiddenite is defeated. Black Hiddenite's stable and semi-corrupt forms can access the Ravens.

Dark Beam

Black Hiddenite can fire a focused beam of dark magic from its eyeball, which instantly damages those that are touched by it. Additionally, if a Gem is exposed to too much of this dark beam, they can quite possibly become corrupted as a result of it. The size of the beam is dependent on the current strength and size of Black Hiddenite. Black Hiddenite's stable and completely corrupt forms can access this ability.


Black Hiddenites are the rarest of Hiddenites. While they are initially the weakest, they are potentially the most powerful of them all. There has really only been two Black Hiddenites in existence, due to the rarity of the color. One of them is a mildly successful pawnkeeper in the White/Shadow District. The other is the captain turned evil through corruption, which is the one we'll be talking about today.

Black Hiddenite was a commander for a fleet of stealth Gemships, known as "Dark Glimmers". This was one of the most deadly fleets for its element of surprise, for only so many creatures have managed to withstand such attacks. Black Hiddenite was essentially one of the most decorated Hiddenites out there for his achievements.

However, things took a turn for the worst when it came to the Earth War. Black Hiddenite and his fleet were sent to Earth to subdue the rebellion by the end of the War, but failed and crash landed. When Black Hiddenite requested backup, nothing was offered back to him. When he tried making his way towards the warp pad, Homeworld had destroyed it, and with the order of the Diamonds... everything was corrupted, including Black Hiddenite himself.

Enraged by such betrayal, Black Hiddenite has managed to remain only semi-corrupt for the duration of his life on Earth. He wanted revenge so much, and the time will come now. With the help of Ravens that he has manipulated and befriended, he will reach Homeworld soon enough. He wanted to make the Diamonds bleed for what they have done to him and his comrades. He intends on killing them before they can even say Nevermore.


The Diamond Authority: Black Hiddenite absolutely hates the Diamond Authority. Black Hiddenite knows that the Diamonds were responsible for the corruption on Earth, and has sworn to kill every single one of the members in revenge. The Diamonds are basically its highest priority targets, and Black Hiddenite will certainly not stop until at least every Diamond (That was active around the War) is dead.

To be continued.


Black Hiddenite Gem
Black Hiddenite's Gemstone

Black Hiddenite's Gemstone is a typical Hiddenite Gemstone, except colored black with a grey iris. This gemstone is Black Hiddenite's only eye during its semi-corrupted form, the iris of Black Hiddenite's completely corrupted form, and a third/central eye for Black Hiddenite's stable form.


  • TBA


  • Black Hiddenite's concept, if you can't tell already, is based off of the poem The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, a story where a mourning lover slowly loses his mind to a malicious raven.

To be continued.

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