"This is all for the greater good, Nephew. Homeworld will be ours."-Black Diamond

Black Diamond is the current ruler of Homeworld and head of the Black Diamond Protectorate. He only appears in the fan-fiction Facets by Boysmith2003


Black tends to appear as a well kept young man in prince clothes, complete with a spiked circlet (in which his gem is the centerpiece) and a cape. He has messy, but somewhat flat hair that he does his best to keep presentable, with usually good results.


Black Diamond's weapon is a wrist mounted hook on a chain. the chain is bound in a gauntlet. It has a long ranged and is designed to wrap around targets or (if the situation calls) lock onto their skin and rip deep gashes as it returns to its wielder. Black can summon up to two of these gauntlets at any time.

Other Abilities

  • Umbrakinesis- Black has the ability to manipulate shadows, generate them, absorb them, and go invisible while within their range. He can also teleport by stepping into shadows. Through shadows, he is able to access hammer-space, and store anything he wants within the shadow, as well as use his umbrakinetics to manipulate the shadows of his targets. Finally, Black can create a field of absolute darkness for brief periods, and can fire beams of dark energy that will instantly poof a weaker gem on contact.


Cold calm, manipulative and calculating, Black is generally very apathetic, blunt and serious (though he does have a soft side) He is willing to use any resources he has on hand to achieve his goals, and hates wasting said resources. In battle, he is very condescending and witty, while also something of a sadist, toying with his opponents and making them suffer before finishing them off. He only seems to care for PinkDiamond/RoseQuartz/Steven and Blue Diamond. As it happens, while talking to people he remains quiet, listening and planning, before interjecting, though not hesitant to call out those he thinks are idiotic, annoying, or foolish.


Steven Universe

Black Diamond initally was unsure what to make of Steven, but after he learned of Steven's heritage he treats him as family, often covering Steven's losses or inadequacies in battle, even training the boy to fight better. The two get along very well.

Crystal Gems


The two do not get along well, as Ruby hates Diamonds with a passion, but Black Diamond likes Sapphire(Sapphire is indifferent), so Black took it upon himself to use a Gem Disruptor and capture Sapphire, whom he eventually brainwashed, then hid the effects, before returning her to the Crystal gems.


Amethyst is deathly afraid of Black Diamond, and often chooses to avoid his gaze or at worst hide from him. The two's relationship is very much strained.


Pearl does not like Black Diamond all that much (due to him outclassing her in intelligence) but is willing to work with him to topple Yellow's rule. The two still hold a one sided rivalry regardless.


The two do not really have a relationship, as Peridot reverts to her submissive state whenever Black Diamond is around due to her indoctrination.

Lapis Lazuli

The two have a decent relationship, with Lapis surprisingly calm around Black and being sympathetic to his cause. The two get along fairly well.


Bismuth initially was uneasy around Black Diamond, but eventually warmed up to him when he expressed his desire to eradicate Yellow and her influence, and praised the Breaking Point, deeming it a fine weapon.


Black and Jasper have a good relationship, as Black was able to use and experimental technology to heal her corruption along with Steven's healing saliva. Jasper has been in a much better mood ever since, joining Black's court out of gratitude, and reluctantly joining the rebellion to free Homeworld from Yellow's grasp.

Black Diamond's Court

The Court all have great respect for Black and follow his commands exactly, without question or hesitation.

Blue Diamond

The two have a great relationship with Black being incredibly protective, soft and caring around Blue, because he knows she is mad with grief. He tends to be very careful around her. However, the two love each other deeply and stay with each other through the thick and thin.

Role within the Authority

Black Diamond serves as an intelligence guru and spymaster, utilizing information and analysis to win fights. He is feared by everyone on Homeworld (except his own court and Blue Diamond) for the knowledge he possesses. Even Yellow Diamond and White Diamond, his senior sisters have a fine degree of caution when dealing with him, and are hesitant to stand in his way, as they could easily be removed from power because Black has intel on the Gem indoctrination processes.


"I find comfort in the dark, for dark is the sof tblanket of space, the clear night, and utter peace."

"Darkness is necessary as balance. One cannot have light without its natural enemy."

"I regret killing my sister, but it had to be done"

"The weak will be easily weeded out and replaced with the strong."

"Homeworld should be a place of freedom and a place of its people. No one man, woman, or Gem should hold all of the power, nor should one group."

"The shadows tell me everything, you know. your secrets betray you."

"Information is among the most powerful weapons to ever exist within the universe."


  • He spawned from the Black Diamond fan theory
  • He is one of the few male oriented Gems
  • Despite being the youngest of all Diamonds, Black arguably holds the most influence over Homeworld and its future.