red beryl
  • Red (other beryls)
  • Your glory (Followers/Court Members)
  • The bloody beauty



Homeworld Homeworlder


FemaleIcon Female




8 ft

Gem Type




Gem Location

on back of neck (like holly blue)



Professional Status

white diamond's court

  • Respected member of the high court.
  • Formerly pink diamonds court bery l
  • Leader of her ship fleet
  • gem transporter (current)
  • Other Beryls.

Homeworld Gem

Personal Status


  • Orchid sapphire
  • Blood pearl

blood pearl


Crystal Gems

Lives on


Lives in

Her main ship


Rebels, anyone who displeases her




articuna dragon

Played by

Articuna dragon


Red beryl has a tall, slim figure. she has a long form, somewhere between a pearl and an ameythist. She wears a red and white outfit with no sleeves. red beryl had black gloves, and long boots that reach to her knees, which are covered in white diamonds. From her waitst, bearing a red octagom, to her boots, she wears black leggings. These are attatched to a light red shirt with a white diamond on the lower chest. the diamOnd has two thick strips of dark red coming off the top two edges in a sort of V shape. Her eyes are heavily outlined, with a large wing on the outer corner. THe iris is bright red, and the pupil is white. HEr nose is delicate and goes well with her features. She has bright red plump lips and white skin. Her skin features a pale red- orange shade. Her gemstone is cut in an octagon on where the spine connects to the skull in back. Red beryl wears a dark red collar with shoulder pads attatched, bearing a white fluffy neck thing. HEr hair is all combed off to one side, and it is short and ends in three tufts up and to the right Overall, she is a very stunning gem.


Red beryl is easily annoyed and extremely hard to please. She views many disgraced gems with disdain, and expresses her views bluntly. She treats her crews well, but any sign of insubordination and she will poof you and put your gem in one of the many, many cells for that purpose. The gems are them sealed into the walls, decorating them. Bixbite, as she is also known, is overzealous in her work, and will stop at nothing to protect her crews and ships.



Photokinises- red beryl can shine a bright light from her gem, and it also glows when she is angered. Fear- red beryl is a terrifying gem, and uses this to assert authority on lesser gems. dagger proficiency- red beryl possesses a very sharp dagger that can scratch any gemstone. SHe is very accurate in throwing, and Can target an off-color from a mile away.

unique abilities

crystallokinises- red beryl can manipulate crystal at will, changing itsnstate of matter, the crystal structure, and summoning it out of her gem, and can shape it any way she likes. She also can pick up gems and their physical forms with this ability. She can make weapons out of this, and also form mini gems of herself. magma tears- red beryl's tears and spit are as hot as lava, despite appearing as an herbal infusion. She can also heat things up with her hands.


Red beryl (formerly known as "bixbite" and marketed as "red emerald" or "scarlet emerald") is a red variety of beryl. It was first described in 1904 for an occurrence, its type locality, at Maynard's Claim (Pismire Knolls), Thomas Range, Juab County, Utah.[32][33] The old synonym "bixbite" is deprecated from the CIBJO, because of the risk of confusion with the mineral bixbyite (both were named after the mineralogist Maynard Bixby).[34] The dark red color is attributed to Mn3+ ions Red beryl is very rare and has been reported only from a handful of locations: Wah Wah Mountains, Beaver County, Utah; Paramount Canyon and Round Mountain, Sierra County, New Mexico, although the latter locality does not often produce gem grade stones;[32] and Juab County, Utah. The greatest concentration of gem-grade red beryl comes from the Ruby-Violet Claim in the Wah Wah Mountains of the Thomas range of mid-western Utah, discovered in 1958 by Lamar Hodges, of Fillmore, Utah, while he was prospecting for uranium.[35] Red beryl has been known to be confused with pezzottaite, a caesium analog of beryl, that has been found in Madagascar and more recently Afghanistan; cut gems of the two varieties can be distinguished from their difference in refractive index, and rough crystals can be easily distinguished by differing crystal systems (pezzottaite trigonal, red beryl hexagonal). Synthetic red beryl is also produced.[36] Like emerald and unlike most other varieties of beryl, red beryl is usually highly included.

While gem beryls are ordinarily found in pegmatites and certain metamorphic stones, red beryl occurs in topaz-bearing rhyolites.[37] It is formed by crystallizing under low pressure and high temperature from a pneumatolytic phase along fractures or within near-surface miarolitic cavities of the rhyolite. Associated minerals include bixbyite, quartz, orthoclase, topaz, spessartine, pseudobrookite and hematite.[38]

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