Padparadscha Sapphire's gemstone PeridotLenhigem

"I'm Azure Peridot Facet-3G6M Cut-6YH. This is gonna hurt."


Azure Peridot has a body identical to most other Peridots but a different hairstyle more similar to a Sapphire and wears scavenged Limb Enhancers. Her colour scheme is comprised of blues and teals while the limb enhancers are red and fuchsia.


Azure is jumpy and tends to distrust new people, especially those from homeworld. She is also quick to violence and could definitely be described as a trigger-happy idiot.



Azure Peridot has many of the normal abilities gem's have including gem weapons, changing her form and regenerating in her gem after being "poofed".

Weapon: Flintlock

Azure's gem weapon is a laser gun called The Flintlock. It is a one-shot blaster that fires a single stream of plasma every shot. Azure Peridot can pull additional ammo from her gem but can only load one at a time.


Technician: Azure Peridot is rather good at machinery and was able to build several weapons and defense systems out of junk and broken stuff dumped on Planet Hoxorn.


Modified Limb Enhancers: Azure has obtained a set of red limb enhancers that are souped up and changed from the standard issue ones. The main 2 things are that the limb enhancers augment the user's strength much better allowing Azure to lift large objects with less effort and the other is that instead of firing lasers they now act as flamethrowers in gun form.




Image Description
Azure's gem is on her left upper arm.


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