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</div>Aya is the moniker of Ayanite, a gem who has previously served Ayanite Diamond, Shadow Diamond and a Kyanite. She is now a traveller on Homeworld who lives for her omegaya-self.


Aya is a short and stout gem who is rather busty, like most other ayanites. She has light pink skin and whitish pink hair. She has a curved fringe which covers her forehead and her eyebrows, which are short and thick. Aya has large, sparkly eyes, with an aqua blue iris in her right eye, and a dark red iris in her left eye. She has small nose and a mouth which resembles that of a kayawaii neko's, like Peridot. Her gem is a bright pink, smooth heart-shape with no facets, and is located on her left kneecap.


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Aya now dons a much more casual attire. Her fringe is neater than before, and her hair is tied into two small buns with two small, dark mahogany hair ties. She wears a short-sleeved, whitish pink over-the-shoulder top with 'AYA' printed onto it in japanese. Her top has large, circular cut-outs in each sleeve, and her dull pink bra straps are visible due to her top starting at her shoulders. Aya's top is tucked into her dull pink, belted skirt which reaches just above her knees to allow for her gem to be exposed. The belt on her skirt has a white, diamond-shaped buckle, indicating the district she resides in. She wears dark mahogany leggings and dull pink boots which start just below the knees. Aya has shapeshifted her breasts to be slightly smaller for a more modest appearance.


Aya wears the standard Homeworld uniform for an ayanite - a sleeveless, dull pink shirt with a dark mahogany v-neck collar and a slightly less dark mahogany ribbon in the centre. She wears a short, dark mahogany skirt and a pair dull pink leggings which start below the knees to allow her gem to be exposed. Her outfit is finished off with a pair of dark mahogany pumps. Her hair is extremely long, and is tied into twin tails which reach her knees with large, dark mahogany ribbons.



Ayanite is an excitable omegaya-go-lucky gem. She stays positive almost all the time and tries to befriend anyone new she meets. She also tries to help out her friends whenever possible. She gets very embarassed when she makes mistakes and tries very hard to make up for them. Sometimes she comes off as quite annoying but she's doing her aya-best! As of becoming 'Aya', she is somewhat more reserved and thinks before she speaks, but is still a friendly sweetheomegayart.

Non-Aya Mode

We don't speak of Non-Aya Mode


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After suffering the loss of the Kyanite she worked for, Ayanite was feeling rather hopeless - she had lost 3 previous superiors at this point. She returned to Homeworld and was only given a warning for defecting, since she was a valuable ayanite. She was placed in the White District. Eventually, one day in CB's nightclub, she heard a soft, motherly voice - it was none other than Ayana Goddess. She told Ayanite that she has been chosen to represent Ayana Goddess in the gem universe, and that she needs to retire as a fighting gem for now, and become a missionary for Ayana. She reassured Ayanite that she would eventually be able to get back to her main goal of reviving Ayanite Diamond. And so she did what Ayana told her. Ayanite now goes by simply 'Aya', and wears a more casual outfit; not very practical for fighting, and travels around helping out gems and teaching them lessons. She is even planning on making someone her ayapprentice.


Like most Gems, Ayanite can shape-shift, summon a weapon, fuse, and retreat to her gemstone to regenerate.


  • Weapon Summoning: Ayanite can summon a heart-shaped inflation grenade. The grenade contains aya gases which are released shortly after the grenade is thrown. These gases inflate the physical forms of any gems nearby, temporarily leaving them useless or possibly poofing them.
    • Debut: The inflation grenade's cap is black with dark pink splotches, showing that Ayanite worked for Shadow Diamond.
    • Traveller (Current): The inflation grenade's cap is lavender with a white heart on it, showing Ayanite's loyalty to Ayanite Diamond.

Unique Abilities

  • Inflation: An ability which is possessed by all Ayanites. Ayanite can temporarily inflate her body. She can also inflate other gems, although her grenade allows her to do this to multiple gems at once and at a much quicker speed.
  • Ayakinesis: Another ability shared between Ayanites; Ayanite can generate and manipulate a bright pink energy which can change state known as Aya Essence. She can feed this energy into the gems of others to give them a temporary power-up, and can also use it as a weapon, similarly to Lapis Lazuli's hydrokinesis.


Ayanite's Friends

Their pages are part of this one because Pepearl might not roleplay them so they aren't allowed to have their own pages!!


Image Description
Emo Ayanite gemstone
Ayanite's gemstone is a pink, heart-shaped Ayanite. It is located on her left knee.


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