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Aquamarine Facet-2H6T Cut-3RG, or just Arkunmarine, is a Homeworld Gem and part of Blue Diamond's court.
  • Arkun
  • Ark
Gem Weapon

Wand (non-summoned)


GenderlessIcon Genderless


MaleIcon Male

Gem Location


Professional Status

Blue Diamond

Personal Status


Lead Designer(s)


Additional Designer(s)



Arkun has the same build of the actual Aquamarine, but with different clothing. He wears a dark blue male japanese school uniform, with the chest opened, revealing that he is also wearing a white shirt under it with a blue diamond insignia on the chest. He is also wearing white gloves and blue shoes. Along with the gloves, his wand is turned into a bacelet when it isn't being used.


At first glance, Arkun is innocent. However, when he is bothered or angry, his behavior will change. He begins to act snob, smart and way more evil-ish than he was before.


Arkun was made for Blue Diamond.


While Arkun can retreat to his gemstone when badly damaged, can summon a light out of his gemstone and can fuse, but being a Era 2 Gem, Arkun can't shapeshift and he wasn't made for fighting.

Unique Abilities

  • Water Wings - Arkun can also summon butterfly-like water wings on his back. However, he doesn't exactly likes them and doesn't uses them too much, and when he does, he uses it really quickly.
  • Good Memory - Arkun has a good memory, being able to remember a lot of things that happened even months ago, especially things for his missions.

Additional Tools

  • Wand - Like Aquamarine, Arkun also has a tractor beam wand. They are of the same color and shape while being used, but while it isn't, Arkun wears it around his arm like a bracelet.


Gemstone Information

Aquamarine Real Life Gemstone

A real aquamarine.

  • It derives its name from the Latin term for seawater and has a long tradition of being a stone for those who spend much of their time at sea.
  • It was known as the sailor's gem to the Greeks and Romans, believing that it ensured a safe and prosperous passage across stormy seas.
  • Aquamarine is the official birthstone for March, and it is assigned to the planet Neptune.
  • Aquamarine belongs to the beryl species of mineral and is closely related to emerald, morganite, and golden beryl among others.


Image Description
Arkun's gemstone is just like Aquamarine's, but it is located in his forehead.


pls draw him


  • Originally, Arkun was going to have spiky-blocky hair.

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