Amazonite is an OC played by The Tiny Peridot.

Identification Code

Facet: X21 Cut: C75

Gender Identity

MaleIcon Male

Fighting Style(s)

Muay thai


Smooth and silky babe


7'4" feet tall



Gem Location

Right palm



Professional Status


Personal Status



The Great Gem War

Played by

The Tiny Peridot


Vigilante culture.


Amazonite takes the appearance of a tall and well-built male gem. His height tops out at 7'4" feet tall. His gem is located on the palm of his right hand. His skin takes on a light green scheme, with his hair being a silver white color. His hair is of a medium length, with a rather basic back-comb style, along with this he has a strand of hair going down the right side of his face, mildly obscuring his eye. His face has a young, sleek appearance, with a barely visible five o'clock shadow.

Civilian outfit

Amazonite dons rather ordinary clothes. Primarily he dons a brown jacket with a white shirt underneath, with a pair of sweatpants and sneakers to go along with it.

Vigilante outfit

His vigilante outfit takes a drastic turn away from his civilian clothing. He dons a glove on his right hand, which consists of a soft fibre so that he may still have use all of his powers, but still allowing for his gem to be unseen. He dons a light-kevlar mask, completely surrounding his head. In the middle there's a small split, in which theres a dark green on the right and a dark red on the left. There's no clear indication where the eyes are located, leading to a more "streamlined" appearance. His chest has some small armor, however it's mostly placed on the sides of his "ribs". The chest has a similar pattern to the helmet, although in a slash. Nothing truly stands out about his legs, except for his steel-capped boots and knee-protection. His arms have little to no protection, yet again only having having protection, but this time for his elbows.


Amazonite usually has an optimistic outlook on life, often seeing the best of people and attempting to keep conflicts to a minimum. Most of the time he makes an attempt to be empathetic, seeing others point of view in most subjects. While in his vigilante role, he usually makes an attempt to inspire and make other people have it a bit easier. He has a selfless personality, which is what lead to him adapting his vigilante persona.


Amazonite possesses ordinary gem skills, such as summoning a weapon, fusion and shapeshifting, as well as being able to regenerate. Among these abilities he has a few others, however.


Amazonite has the ability to crystalize his body. He can do several things with this ability, such as creating weapons, armoring himself, or general tools. The larger and more complex something is to create, the longer it takes. He can also leave "nodes" of his crystals around, which can act as a form of sensor and trap, which he can blow away from any surface at an extremely high velocity. Along with this, he can also fire crystals from the palms of his hands, however these are highly inaccurate.


He possesses a very minor healing ability, he can not use this to hurt cracked or shattered gemstones, however it can be used to heal "injuries" on the physical form of a gem.

Loose Shoulder:

A special ability which involves him slightly shapeshifting his shoulder joints, allowing for a rapid punching movement. This however leaves him pretty open for a direct counter attack, so he only uses it in short bursts.