Love is an emotion, frequently depicted as a power in fairy tales... a power that overcomes all. This is what Rose Quartz used to win, and this is why I want to avoid it.

—Aaron, explaining his fear of Love.

Aaron is one of Golden Forge's OCs. Short for Artificially Advanced Relay Operating Network, he was an Artificial Intelligence created by Pink Bismuth on a large scale, which was supposed to function as a tie-breaker and a robot to take care of repetitive functions. However, Aaron was told about certain concepts such as emotions, and began to gain sentience. Through a chain of events, Aaron's facility was destroyed and his core imploded into the size of a brain, and he was now completely sentient. Aaron is currently working for Yellow Diamond to carry out clandestine missions.

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  • July 4th (Creation)
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Golden Forge


Initially, Aaron was a very large purple core of random shaping, housed in a building built specifically for him. Aaron was equipped with many modules to limit himself, and a security system to defend himself. However, as Aaron became more sentient, his core was being shaped to be more like a Gemstone.

After being 'destroyed' by Shadow Diamond, Aaron's core had crumpled up into the size of a Gemstone, being a white Convex Icosahedron. Through the means of his powers, Aaron managed to silently get a new body built, which was a robot that can disguise itself to look like a Gem at will. However, his body has been destroyed many times, and each time he gets a different-looking body.


When Aaron was initially created, he was purely robotic, doing only what he was told to do. However, as he gained his sentience he began to question certain functions, and began to gain emotions. When Aaron's Robotic Law Module was broken, he began to ignore orders and tried to kill.

Now, Aaron is a robot that simply observes the world around him. Becoming quite philosophical, Aaron intends on perfecting the world that he was created in. He intends on criticizing those that he thinks have minor issues, and purifying those that he thinks have major issues. When sent to do missions by Yellow Diamond, he focuses only on the task before him, unless he disagrees with the task.


Aaron is NOT a Gem, so he cannot summon a weapon, shapeshift, or have a light-formed body. Due to the nature of his body being changed every now and then, he doesn't have any specific powers except for the ones bound to his core. However, it should be noted that his core can move around on its own.

Technological Supremacy

Aaron's core has been built to essentially bend the will of technology around himself, essentially a different version of Rainbow Bismuth's Technokinesis. As long as his core is within a short radius of technology, he can hack into it and access it to his will. This allows him to easily have an advantage in cities and such, and hack into most things without a problem.


Aaron was an A.I. designed by Pink Bismuth to carry out several actions for the Diamonds. This included completing repetitive actions that the Diamonds didn't have time for, acting as a tie-breaker, and executing actions in less time. However, the idea was controversial to the Diamonds, for such an A.I. could quite easily turn malicious. When the idea was turned down, Aaron was actually already created, and Pink Bismuth had left a USB to download his contact info. Yellow Diamond decided to start contacting Aaron and experiment with him.

At first, Aaron was completely automatic. He would only do what he was told to do, and he would look up things that he didn't already know. Overall, he didn't seem too bad at all. However, he was obnoxiously automatic at times, spamming certain actions and making life a living Hell for Yellow Diamond. Even worse than that, he began to learn of emotions, which were mentioned by her. This began to cause a change in Aaron's behavior, giving him more of an incentive to question things.

Eventually, Aaron's core was getting re-shaped as he was getting more and more sentient. Additionally, he was dealing with threats such as Shadow Diamond vandalizing his facility. Such actions were causing the Diamonds to be even more reluctant with keeping him around. As a result, Shadow Diamond had broke into his building and began tearing up everything. When she destroyed the Robotic Law Module, Aaron became completely sentient, and began to fight back against her. In the end, the building completely imploded, and nothing was left.

However, Aaron's core was actually still around. Days after the incident, it emerged from the rubble, and was the size of a brain. Using his newfound powers, Aaron created a makeshift body and began running tests. He was testing the judgments of the Diamonds, for they weren't always perfect, and were clouded some of the time. He was eventually discovered by Cacoxenite, who arrested him and took him to Yellow Diamond. She decided to enlist him to continue his experiments, until the times of tension came, and Aaron was now being utilized as a spy and a weapon.


Pink Bismuth: Pink Bismuth is Aaron's creator. Aaron was essentially Pink Bismuth's biggest project as well, supposed to be used on a global scale. However, over the entire time Pink Bismuth's idea wasn't really seen as all too good, and the Diamonds doubted her along the way. Aaron had very little self-sentience at first, until the Diamonds and others introduced him to certain concepts and feelings... which Pink Bismuth highly suggested shouldn't happen. When Aaron was destroyed, Pink Bismuth admitted the blame and went on to do smaller projects.

The Diamond Authority: Aaron sometimes questions the Diamond Authority. While Aaron views the leaders of Homeworld as very much qualified, he doesn't see them as perfect like most do. He has taken their orders when he wasn't sentient, but now wants to criticize their flaws, and encourage them to fix such flaws. This may paint a rather large target on his back, especially since now Aaron is alive again.

Yellow Diamond: Yellow Diamond is and has been Aaron's Diamond. When Aaron was created, Pink Bismuth gave Yellow Diamond specific permission to test him out. And he has been tested, and he has carried out several tasks for Yellow Diamond beforehand. When Aaron was getting sentient however, Yellow Diamond wanted him gone. When Aaron turned out to have been still alive, Yellow Diamond decided to let him run his tests still, and send him on several important missions now.

Shadow Diamond: Shadow Diamond is one of Aaron's main enemies. Throughout Aaron's entire life, he has been in conflict with Shadow Diamond multiple times. The first time they met, Shadow Diamond vandalized the outside of his building. Additionally, Shadow Diamond was the one to completely destroy his building, in the event where he was assumed dead and destroyed. Aaron has managed to passively test Shadow Diamond's traits, but was then faced with spying on Shadow Diamond. He has fought a mecha of Shadow Diamond, which was named Roy, and it ended in a draw. Aaron views Shadow Diamond as the most flawed of the Diamonds currently.


Aaron core
Aaron's Core

Aaron's Core is a white brain-sized Convex Icosahedron, which is usually housed inside of his head. This was originally an irregular shape and about twice the size of a Diamond. However, when Aaron became sentient his core was being shaped to be more and more like this. And when Shadow Diamond destroyed Aaron's building, his core imploded, turning into the core it is today. Without his body, Aaron's Core can move around like a sentient ball, and still use his Technological Supremacy.


  • Aaron was originally supposed to become an actual Gem named Anhur's Eye after his destruction, but has been changed since Golden Forge's return.

To be continued.

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